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We work in partnership with families to develop practical treatment options to address their children’s needs across a variety of areas such as behavior management, social development, academics, feeding, toileting, and sleeping. We offer one-on-one parent support and training in both clinical and home settings as well as on-site school support, as needed.  

Additional services include:

  • Early Intervention (EI)/ASD diagnostic evaluations (details below)

  • Cognitive, adaptive and behavioral assessments

  • Development and oversight of home programming needs (for those receiving ABA services)

  • Advocacy support to obtain EI and CPSE/CSE services

  • Advisement on school placement options and IEP programming

  • Support to address other daily challenges at home, in school or the community

  • Collaboration with other services providers (e.g., Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapists) on therapy goals and support during sessions, if needed


We specialize in evaluating individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to determine levels of cognitive, adaptive behavior, academic and social functioning. A battery of standardized assessment measures will be individualized based on the referral question and need. For parents concerned about ASD or other developmental delays, diagnostic evaluations are also available. Note: these types of evaluations are typically needed in order to qualify for Early Intervention (EI) services. 

Psychoeducational evaluations will also include classroom observations and teacher interview(s). All evaluations include a final report with recommendations (as needed) and a follow up session to review results.

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