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Our Treatment Approach

No two children, parents or teachers are exactly alike, which is why we take a highly individualized approach to services and treatment. Underlying this approach is a commitment to utilizing strategies and techniques rooted in a strong, scientifically-validated evidence base. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), is the science of behavior that employs the principles of learning in order to improve socially significant behavior. Interventions derived from ABA have been effective in teaching individuals with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities a variety of skills including communication, academic, self-care, daily living and social skills. In addition, there is a large evidence base to support the use of ABA to teach children and adults the self-regulation skills needed to manage emotions such as anxiety and anger, regardless of diagnosis. Our behaviorally-based approach ensures we are providing treatment options and recommendations that effective and proven. Additional information about ABA can be found in the Resources section.

During our initial intake process, we will discuss specific goals for working together and gather the information necessary to determine next steps - whether that be assessment, observations, training or ongoing consultation. 

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